'"In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my treatment consisted of surgery, radiotherapy and hormone therapy.


An opportunity arose for me to attend a short Nutrition course in London, held in Maggie’s Centre at Charing Cross Hospital.


I met Sofia, who was helping facilitate the course. I am so grateful that I did attend it was so valuable in my recovery and of course another positive was being introduced to Sofia.


Where am I now?
If I had not been diagnosed with cancer, I would not have changed my ways.

On reflection, I lived a stressful life and did not eat healthily, this had adverse, consequences for my health.


Now I have changed my diet for the better. Sofia has made me appreciate how I can care for myself, using nutrition as a medicine. I use the personal recipes that Sofia has devised for me.  I ensure each day I have plenty of fruit and vegetables. Sofia has introduced me to fish oils that reduce chronic inflammation within the body and I take vitamin D daily to support my immune system.


As a health professional myself, I have the greatest respect for Sofia for caring for me holistically. Sofia is helping me to look at nutrition as a way of life that will help me maintain my current and the future health."


Michelle, Medical doctor (GP), London


"Meeting and working with Sofia has been life changing. I don't say this lightly. Her nutritional help and support has improved my life in so many ways. 


Firstly I have had acne for ten years which had subsided a little by the time I met Sofia but left me with a raised red irritated painful rash. One of the first tests she conducted with me was for parasites. Her instinct was right. I had a parasite and through the protocol have eliminated it. Now my skin is clear. It means the world to me and my confidence has improved greatly. 


Due to violent abuse around the table as a child. I have a lot of issues around food. Around adrenalin too. I would regularly starve myself just to stay "awake" alive and on edge through my day to "get things done". By starting to write a food diary I realised how many hours passed between meals. Starting with one change - to eat breakfast every day has helped like a domino for me to eat more regularly through the day. As a result my moods are less up and down. I feel more balanced and in control. 


Sofia makes the protocol so clear ie how and where to get the organic food, including the online links and shops that are close me that making changes has been easier then I imagined. Every Monday I get a green salad and vegetable organic box delivered and its from that that my weeks cooking is based upon. 


The focus for me is about health: 

My skin, my moods and my energy. 

I haven't started this journey for some kind of diet to get to model thin or to punish myself if I have a cookie or not etc. I eat what I want. Just that now I have had the benefits of feeing so good from the choices I make nutritionally, it just feels better to choose better. Thanks to Sofia these small changes make a huge difference and I can't wait to carry on this journey to a new level of health. 


Thank you deeply Sofia for your knowledge and wisdom. I'm so excited for the future and full of gratitude for the learnings so far. "


H.R, London

"Sofia has not only turned my nutritional deficit and psychological hardships around but has helped me enforce a growth within me to attain a far more positive and respectful focus on myself.


Her mindful and talented combination of articulated scientific studies and her artistic and graceful approach helped me to heal in a way I would have never quite conceived. 


The devotion to her clients is a reward in itself and I feel greatly fortunate in working with and under the guidance of Sofia Dahlgren to further my life's nutritional course."


L.K, London

"Sofia helped me to improve my cooking skills as well as the different eating habits to my suit my new health situation.


The time we spent in my private kitchen in Austria, the talks and the hours of very high class information she poured into me, made a  big difference, which only private coaching can. 


Most importantly was that she left me a memo of all she made for me, so up to this day I am using her recipes in my daily routine. I feel better, have more energy and enjoy fixing my own meals again."

Private Medicinal Cooking Client

E.N, Austria

Tel : 07912138869

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