About Sofia

                        'Don't count calories,
                         what really matters are nutrients                                          and avoidance of toxins'

My Journey


I was born in Sweden and  grew up in the natural surroundings of forests and lakes. As a child the forest was my playground and spending time in nature foraging, swimming and ice-skating was part of my every day.  


I never questioned health until my mother passed away from cancer. Health was always something I had been taking for granted. At this time I was studying Fine Art in London and watching my mother fighting a losing battle against cancer was traumatic. 


Years later, my health began to decline and I suffered from many symptoms including severe brain fog, low mood, weight problems, skin rashes, food sensitivities, oedema, joint pain, bloating, ear infections, toxicity, fatigue and slow wound healing, and hypothyroidism. I got diagnosed with autoimmune disease. Illness became part of my identity and I forgot what it felt like to feel alive and well. I had lost purpose and did not recognise who I was anymore.


I remember waking up in the mornings with an emptiness I had never felt before. Feelings of helplessness grew from my own experience of being ill. My creativity had suffered and I had stopped making art and lost a lust for life.


I asked myself ‘Why do we get ill?

By researching natural ways of healing I learnt about medicinal properties of foods. I made changes to my diet, which gave me a feeling of control and I noticed that I was slowly losing excess weight and feeling less fatigued. My health started to improve. The kitchen became my new studio and for the first time in a very long time I found enjoyment and meaning in what I created. The realisation of the power of food became a life changing experience, which led me to study Nutritional Therapy.



Often when I think of my mother, I imagine that if she would have had the knowledge, which I have today, her disease may have been preventable or reversed. The understanding that I have gained as to why we get ill, is that our destiny does not depend on our genetic inheritance in order for our genes to express health or sickness. The science of Epigenetics demonstrates that it is within our power to influence our own genetic expression by choices of dietlifestyle and environment



Sharing my knowledge and inspiring people to make dietary and lifestyle changes in order to gain better health is highly rewarding. As a Nutritional Therapist I aim to help people holistically. Our cells are affected by environment, diet, thoughts, lifestyle and emotions. I have a special interest in the environment and believe that our health is not only a reflection of our planet, but also our lifestyle choices and beliefs. I hope to guide people to minimise toxic exposure in their lives and to reach optimum nutrition.


Except for working privately with clients through Blossom and Heal Nutrition I am also writing articles and creating recepies for the Swedish Journal on Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine www.naringsmedicinsktidskrift.se/index_eng.html


Please find a selection of published articles for the Journal on Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine and an interview with me for cam magazine by clicking here: Selection of Published Articles



Sushi with Cauliflower Rice

Cooking to support the body's detox systems.


                  Photography: Zsofia Kezdi-Nagy

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