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- a Medicinal Cooking Retreat at Rodga Manor House in Sweden 12-14 August 2016

The Living Kitchen

I am very excited and honored to welcome you to a Medicinal Cooking Retreat in a 1800th Century setting at the beautiful Rodga Manor house between the 14th and 16th of August 2016. Rodga Manor is situated in the peaceful Swedish countryside amongst beautiful lakes and deep forests. As part of this retreat I will be giving lectures combined with practical cooking workshops. One of the aims with this course is to show how we can increase the consumption of vegetables in our daily life through different recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. 


The food we cook and eat will be highly nourishing and full of nutrients since we will pick it fresh each day from Rodga's organic vegetable farm. It is a very special time of year when we can enjoy the wealth of the Summer produce while at the same time take pleasure from Autumnal farm treats. Amongst plenty of wonderful vegetables, eatable flowers and herbs Rodga Manor grows the most amazing varieties of cabbages, which we will make the most of in our cooking!


All participants will be given a collection of recipes and dietary recommendations given during the course. This is a unique opportunity to  experience and learn about Medicinal Cooking in a serene setting while enjoying produce farmed in breath taking 1800th Century style surroundings. This retreat is limited to 10 people only. The food we cook is gluten, dairy and refined sugar free.


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One of my favourite spots in Rodga's vegetable garden is the cabbage patch. Such inspiration! Rodga grows a wide variety of brassicas rich in healing nutrients.

The Living Kitchen


By focusing on Nutrition we will discuss new ways of thinking around food and food habits. During the lectures I will address how food can affect us both positively and negatively.


  • What does a diet taste and look like which contributes to health and happiness?


  • Which foods contribute to health and which foods feed disease?


  • How can we make simple choices in our diet to encourage longevity?


This course will empower you to make conscious food choices that can be of great benfit to your health. Small changes may give rise to great changes in your physical and mental wellbeing. 



Friday 12th August 


  • Arrival at 16.00. Introduction given and we make friends with the vegetable farm. I will give a lecture and we will enjoy a light evening meal.


Saturday 13th of August


  • We pick different varieties of vegetables in the vegetable farm, which will serve as main ingredients for different types of breakfasts. I will then give a lecture and after this we will cook lunch and dinner together and discuss medicinal properties of foods and how these affect our body and mind.


Sunday the 14th of August


  • We cook 'brunch' and summarise the course. We talk about recipes and exchange experiences.



Price 3150 Swedish Kronor all inclusive. If you live nearby and or have made your own sleeping arrangements 500 kr will be deducted from the fee.


To make a booking please contact Rodga Manor




This is the beautiful lake situated at the bottom of the vegtable garden. It is inviting us to a morning and evening swim.

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